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About Us

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About Us

   The naming of LOF SOLAR is a tribute to Dr. J.J. Loferski, the pioneer of solar cells, who is the Doctoral Advisor to Lof Solar's executive chairman and founder, Dr. Huey-Liang Hwang.

For the past 35 years, Dr. Hwang has contributed over 400 publications in the field of electrical engineering. His expertise in Ternary Chalcopyrite, Semicondutors, and Hydrogenated Si Solar Cells is of international acclaim, and many of his works are regarded as classics . Due to Dr. Hwang's profound and innovative contribution, he was elected as an IEEE fellow in 1994, and again as a Fellow of the American Vacuum Society in 1998. In 2002, Dr. Hwang was presented with the Distinguished Research Fellow Award by Taiwan's National Science Council, and he was elected as Fellow of the Global School of Advanced Studies recently in 2006.

Now Dr. Hwang has built LOF SOLAR into a world-leading developer and manufacturer color solar cell . Innovation is our core competency and advantage. Our next generation technologies include modified grating solar cells and SiGe solar cells , which further enhance the cell efficiencies. LOF SOLAR has raised the bars on both aesthetics and function in the solar world.

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