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Step forward to a new age of BIPV with us

Don't let the moody blue solar box destroy the aesthetic beauty of your commercial building. The roof or facade of your company's headquarter will create a fresh corporate image.

Small Devices
Solar Mosaic™ - An artistic mosaic solar panel can only be composed with LOF's color solar cells. Traditional blue or black solar cell can not be designed into any pattern. Our showcase project is the Hsinchu Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail Road.

Middle Devices
Our green C-Cell™ facade can show case the green energy by which your firm is painting the earth green, doing good deeds to the community, and fulfilling the social responsibility as a green villager.

LOF's R&D center, located in Taiwan's Silicon Valley - Hsinchu Science Park. Our state-of-the-art R&D lab was established in 2006, including a class 100/1000 clean room.