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Have a look on our most recent BIPV projects around the globe!

Shanghai Expo
Location: Italy Bari Airport
Size: 20kWp
Color: Stone Elegance
In Italy, Lof Solar uses the latest Stone Elegance color cell to decorate the airport with it's traditional marble patterns.

Shanghai Expo
Location: Shanghai World Expo
Size: 250kWp
Color: Lake Cyan, Meadow Green, and Tile Red
The Shanghai World Expo will be held this year in China. Look how Lof Solar apply 3 brand new series of C-Cell™ colour, Lake Cyan, Meadow Green, and Tile Red, to make China Pavilion the real 「Crown of the East」.

Small Devices
Location: Black Forest, Germany
Size: 3kWp
Color: Army Green
Our customer in Black Forest, Germany, choosed our Army Green solar cell and combine it with glass to glass module to create good looks and making it pervious to light.

Small Devices

Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Size: 1850Wp
Color: Metallic Gold
“Solar Sail” is located at the front of Ajax Operations Center. The Glass Sail is a magnificent combination of Art and Technology radiating beauty and generating energy.

LOF's R&D center, located in Taiwan's Silicon Valley - Hsinchu Science Park. Our state-of-the-art R&D lab was established in 2006, including a class 100/1000 clean room.