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Design Guide

How to use color PV ?

Color PV are frequently applied in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). It refers to modules or system which can be integrated into the building, replacing the conventional building materials.

Now with the advanced techniques of BIPV, the panel can replace building components like shading louvres, facade, awning, balcony railing, roofing or a grande landscape like we firstly introduce below:

I. Landscape

^Art Installation

An astounding art installation weigh more than thousands words. It converse with the public about solar energy in a poetic way.

This Golden Solar Sail in Canada accents the structure with LOF 156mm Metallic Gold color cell.


replaces the old aluminum plate, built for World Expo 2010 with LOF color cell. The design idea of replacing the aluminum plate with PV panel is a brilliant, ground-breaking way to integrate PV into landscape.

This PV tower facade in Seattle Tac International Airport is built with LOF 156mm Rebel Green color solar cell.

PV facade can be applied to not only the landscape, but also more traditionally, to the building. The benefits of facade-type BIPV, when applied to the building envelope, are weather durability, noise blocking, shielding, insulation, and safety.

There are several types of PV facades, such as cold facades, warm facades, or double-skin. The cold facades are cavity wall structures, as in our Rebel Green Color Seattle Airport Tower case. The warm facades provide the thermal insulation and acoustic protection.

II. Louvre


in Korea Yeungjin Junior College, built with LOF 156mm Metallic Gold solar cell.

The louvres’ semi transparency can still bring in the view and sunlight from outdoor, while generate the electricity.

Movable shading louvres are intricate. They can be adjusted vertically like this case, or horizontally. The incident sunlight irradiance can be tailored everyday by moving the louvres, as per the different climate conditions or different hours of the day.

The tilt-able PV louvres offer architect a vehicle to play with the shadow and light.


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